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Stationery Store is part of OfficeTeam who are one of the largest office services and products suppliers to UK businesses, supplying 21,000 customers nationwide. With our own logistics and delivery fleet and a national infrastructure providing a local service, OfficeTeam make more than a million deliveries every year. We provide a local service to your doorstep wherever you are in the UK.

At OfficeTeam Stationery store, we’re passionate about providing high quality office services and products – and delivering them reliably every time. We do that – and more...

Overview of services

As a customer you will benefit from our wide range of services, including: Office Supplies, Computer Consumables, Print Management, Office Furniture, Business Electronics, Digital Solutions, Legal & Professional Services, Digital Dictation & Transcription, Document Production and Environmental Services.

For more information on any of services email: customerservices@officegate.biz

Our products

OfficeTeam Stationery Store has over 6,000 branded and own branded office products. By working closely with key suppliers OfficeTeam guarantee a range of products that are high in quality, dependability and are competitively priced.

Our office stationery range covers all the things you'd expect to find on or around your desk including Post-It notes, scissors & trimmers, sticky tape, paper clips, rubber bands, staplers, rulers, and hole punches.